World Vegan Day!

Every year November 1st is World Vegan Day.

I turned vegan 28 years ago. Ideologically, philosophically it was easy, a no-brainer. On a practical level it was fairly challenging.

In the last few years, veganism has exploded! Is it really an evolution of consciousness? Or is it just that it has swept across the globe through market-forces, and greedy, immoral, exploitative corporations have jumped on board to save their own arses? Huge dairy giants offering plant-based alternatives and cornering the market. Fast-food chains spending millions advertising their vegan burgers, whilst simultaneously slaughtering millions of sentient beings, and destroying the rainforests, propping up industrial agriculture which causes habitat loss, soil depletion, water pollution and on and on… , Does it really matter why this shift has occurred? I think it does, but maybe that’s a conversation for another day.

For now, I implore you to look at your diet, your daily habits, and ask yourself why? Why am I eating/drinking/wearing/using this? Do I need to? Or have I just gone along with the status quo without ever questioning where this meal, this drink, these shoes actually come from?

The yogic principle of ahimsa means non-violence. To do no harm. There is now irrefutable and substantial evidence pointing to the fact that an animal-based diet is LITERALLY destroying the planet and everything on it. All life will be wiped out if we continue to bury our heads in the sand and don’t change the way we view animals. They are not there for us to use. They do not exist FOR US!

Go vegan!

With love


There are sooooo many websites now with delicious healthy (and unhealthy!) vegan recipes, websites offering help to those curious about making the shift to a more compassionate diet. Restaurants and shops that 10 years ago might have had a jacket potato minus the butter, or a limp salad, will now cook you up a feast! It’s easy!

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